Uncovering Blind Spots and Competing Commitments Leads to Awareness

In a recent medical study, heart doctors told their seriously at-risk heart patients they would literally *DIE* if they didn’t make changes to their personal lives.

Guess what percentage of patients ACTUALLY made the changes their doctors told them to?

(And for what it’s worth, we’re talking basic changes here — like diet, smoking, and exercise…)

Go ahead, guess.

Drumroll please…

It was 1 in 7.


Not even 1/2.

Not even a 1/3.

We can assume most of the patients WANTED to live, see more sunrises, watch their grandkids grow up, etc…

Meaning the incentive for change literally could not be greater…

So what gives?

Why wouldn’t people make the changes they needed to save their own lives?

The answer:

Because change is often trickier than just wanting something, having awareness, and having directions on How-To.

This is why so many personal development initiatives fall flat.

There is often what feels like a massive a gap between what we deeply desire…and what our minds and bodies will actually do.

Why do you imagine the majority of patients in the medical study wouldn’t change, even when their lives literally depended on it?

It’s because we, as humans, are often walking contradictions.

While we say we want one thing – another PART of us is (deeply) committed to something completely different — and oftentimes convinced we need these other commitments
to be happy, stay safe, or receive love.

One part of you may be committed to delegating to your team more, while another part is committed to holding on to doing everything yourself–so you can feel deeply competent and worthy.

One part of you may be committed to showing up as a loving and incredible spouse, while another part of you is equally committed to avoiding difficult conversations and running from conflict so you can feel safe.

We are all, each of us, made up of different parts and competing commitments that keep us locked in infinity loops of similar experiences and patterns until we learn how to first examine what we’re experiencing, then how to bravely to break away so we can grow and expand into new levels of love, joy, effectiveness, and leadership.

For a long time, here at MindFix we’ve only worked with people who already knew what they wanted to change.

That is changing.

We are in the midst of building out a complete mental X-ray system that will help people uncover blind spots and competing commitments keeping them locked into infinity loops they can’t seem to escape.

This will allow us to help impact more people with the first step in transformation: awareness.

Even better, the X-ray will set people up to dive into the second step of transformation: understanding WHY change has been so difficult.

With those two pieces in hand, people will be able to consciously choose whether they’re ready to commit to being the change they wish to see.

Very excited.

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