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11 Lessons Learned From My (Third) Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation, Hanging with a Billionaire, and Being Away From Home For The Longest Time in 10+ Years.

1. Too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing I snowboarded more world-class, untouched powder runs in the last 2.5 weeks than most skiers get to experience in multiple lifetimes. By the end of my second week I started becoming numb to them. An activity that would have registered as unbelievable […]

DON’T look for the blocks causing you to get in your own way

Weird advice from someone who removes them for her clients every week, perhaps. But read on to discover what to look for instead — today I share the one thing to look for that’ll give you WAY more bang for your buck. A while back, a FB friend asked: “How do I know if I’ve […]

The 3-Sided Phone Call That Got Me To See EVERYTHING Differently

Sooooo… there was no away around it. I was BOMBING the call.  Hard. Waaaaay back (when I was starting my training on how to permanently eliminate people’s headtrash), I had a practice/training call with a friend that was being monitored by a mentor. And I was bombing it. I was saying the wrong things. I […]

You Get to Choose…

A few years before Columbine, an awkward, bespeckled teen named Kevin came to *MY* high school wearing a long black trench coat over his black jeans and black shirt. To this day we don’t know if he’d planned his violent attack, or if it was spontaneous.  Either way… I was the sole victim. On this […]

Reflecting on (my CLIENTS’) Wild + Crazy 2018.

Recently, I reflected back on *my* year.  Here are a few of my favorite MindFix client wins in 2018 that come to mind as I sat down to reflect this morning….  There was the Colorado entrepreneur who ran a successful business for over a decade but was stuck at 6-figures in annual revenue. Saw no possibility for […]

This year is going to be so different. All the kids are gonna like me this year!!!

[Loud fail buzzer…. Nope.] I never looked forward to Jan. 1 as a kid—instead, I got pumped about the possibility of a fresh start every September on the first day of school. I’d get SO pumped because SURELY summer vacation would clear the slate, and all the kids would just conveniently FORGET they hated my […]

We’re all blind to this.

So last night, I THOUGHT my CPA had made a typo. Surely he’d MEANT to write “$8,000” in his email. Nope. He ACTUALLY meant it when he wrote, “Go ahead and write a ‘make-up’ check for $88,000 this week, Erin.” Um, that WAS NOT part of the plan. I hired him this year and paid […]

Erin Interviewed by Landon Porter

Landon Porter is known as THE “sales therapist”. A business strategist, a sales coach, a client acquisition expert, Landon is the founder of Silverback Media and the well known Sales Gorilla brand. “Friday Night Live” (aka FNL) is Landon’s weekly deep dive interview that he typically ONLY shares with his private group members — but […]

I’m on a mission and I will not be stopped

In the middle of a sentence during an interview last week, the interviewer abruptly interrupted me and said (rather aggressively) “STOP. JUST, STOP. You’re trying to tell me you stop people fr om worrying about things they’ve worried about their ENTIRE LIVES…in a matter of HOURS? Are you ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY saying that….?” ………silence………… I froze […]

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