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A Tough Week

Monday was VERY difficult. There were tears. Tuesday, I lost one of my best friends. Forever. Wednesday, I experienced a potentially major setback in my multi-year battle against physical pain. Thursday, I learned my mentor—who I work closely with and love with all my heart—was in a horrific car accident and is now in the […]

Normalization Dysfunction

Diagnosis: kinda like Erectile Dysfunction. (Except you can’t take a pill to make it go away and it impacts more than your penis.) I call it Normalization Dysfunction. ND. It’s impacting at least 6 of my friends/colleagues right now. I know it’s super embarrassing for them to go through. It’s hard for them to talk […]

What scares you… makes others smile (or even dance).

What frightens you... pumps others up. What you INSIST is absolutely horrible... looks like a goldmine to somebody else.

Curated Notes (Life + Business Lessons) from a 5-figure Power Mastermind in Dallas This Week…

Couldn’t join us to sit amongst brilliant business minds this week in sweltering Dallas? That’s ok. I took lots of notes. Then I pared them down to just the gold nuggets for you. Here you go. 1. The BEST shortcut to experiencing rapid insights and growth = spending time in rooms where everyone is waaaay […]

Here’s Why “Just Think Different!” Is Crap Advice

While the words you use with yourself ARE important, general advice to simply "think/believe something different!" is no better than telling someone "If you're left-handed, just start being right-handed!"

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