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“Your text made me feel crappy.”

A text, a comment, a remark can't MAKE YOU feel crappy. There's no gun to your head. You are CONSTANTLY (all day long) choosing what people's comments and words mean to you.

We’re More Than Our Bad Decisions, and Mistakes.

It’s December. It’s cold. And I’m in a concrete room with no windows flanked by 2 security guards who have no clue what to do with me. There I was, compulsively rocking back and forth like one of those possessed dolls in a horror flick, atop a broken plastic chair, beneath 2 flickering fluorescent lights, […]

Take 17 seconds to hear how this skeptic’s life was changed.

In this short video clip a MindFix client describes how he was skeptical of the process, timeline and results, and how his life is now entirely different.

On February 22, 1999, I killed my best friend.

It was a beautiful morning, the first we’d seen sun in 2 weeks. We went skiing, and the fresh powder was like a dream—chest deep, soft, and dry. As we skinned up the East Ridge of Marmot for our first run of the day, we started discussing avalanche conditions. Again. ^^^ THAT is how a […]

You. Fucking. *SUCK*.

Spent pretty much my entire life hearing those words shouted inside my head NON-STOP at max volume no matter what I was doing. I always said sports/being active makes me happy. And to others, when I was playing sports, it usually LOOKED like I was having fun. But MY ENTIRE LIFE, inside, I was always […]

How To Make $300.00 While Sabotaging the Next 5 Years of Your Life In Just 6 Days

(AKA I get our 2nd-ever refund request*) Last month a young go-getter named Patrick from Poland reached out and asked if we'd be open to allowing him to run a chatbot setup/funnel to our MindFix application.

There is ONE type of person I find so toxic I filter them out of my life completely: Victims.

I do not accept them as clients. I am not friends with them. I will not spend my time with them. It is TOXIC to remain in the same environment as those who point to all the bad that’s happened to them as the REASON WHY their present and future are doomed. Now, we have […]

Ending a week that began with sorrow and loss……with celebration and joy.

– If anyone’s caught me grumbling the past 6 weeks, there’s a 99.9% chance that grumbling was related to me working on a lil’ talk. Welllllllllllllll, I’m happy to share all that effort ended up being way worth it: Gave the new talk to a couple hundred amazing people in ballroom in downtown Denver yesterday, […]

A Tough Week

Monday was VERY difficult. There were tears. Tuesday, I lost one of my best friends. Forever. Wednesday, I experienced a potentially major setback in my multi-year battle against physical pain. Thursday, I learned my mentor—who I work closely with and love with all my heart—was in a horrific car accident and is now in the […]

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