Replacing “I Have To” and “I Need To” With “I GET To”

One of my favorite language habit changes I made in the past couple years is tossing “I have to” and “I need to” and replacing them with “I GET to”.

I sat here this morning thinking of…

  • the clients I’ll be supporting with this week
  • the team member I’ll be speaking with tomorrow
  • the conversations I’m booking out over the next month
  • the presentation I’m giving on Thursday
  • the 2 humans I’ll be spending my time with this evening

… and for each instance, I thought, “I GET to.”

  • I GET to support these clients
  • I GET to talk to my team member
  • I GET to connect with amazing humans this month
  • I GET to present to a group of super-humans on Thursday
  • I GET to spend time with 2 lovely people tonight

^^^ This small tweak often looks absolutely insignificant and inconsequential on paper (screen). Yet the word “GET” changes how I feel about the activities I choose to incorporate into my life.

It’s energizing.

It generates gratitude from within.

It reminds me how even challenges are opportunities and how we get to do things because we are ALIVE.

(I GET to pick up my shirt at the cleaners. I GET to have this conversation with my spouse. I GET to go to the gym.)

Using “Get To” is one of the simplest yet most favorite habits I’ve incorporated into my life lately.
Try it for a bit yourself.

See what you notice.

I have a hunch you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Note: Thank you Rachel Rofé for being my teacher and showing me the magic of these two simple words.

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