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Careful About What Your Mentors Present as Truth

I still remember opening up this newsletter from Perry Marshall a few years ago and having his parting words hit me like a ton of bricks. I love Perry Marshall. I love how he shares how he’s grown leaps and bounds since working on his headtrash. I remember not loving, though, how he sets people […]

A painful game 99.5%* of us play every day

WE WALK AROUND THINKING WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW EVERYTHING SHOULD UNFOLD FOR US. You are doing this. Every single day. Here are some quick real-life examples. Can you identify? My friend Holly was deeply upset she found out her husband cheated on her. (“This is the worst thing that could have happened to me!!”) My […]

How To Avoid The “Never-Satisfied-With-My-Progress” Trap We So Easily Fall Into

The “after” photo = me. (Two years ago.) Following 2 months of hard work. Think I felt great about my progress that day? Nope. Funny enough, I remember laying there that day, testing my hip flexors, thinking: “I am SO TIGHT.” “I’m STILL not flexible.” “This is hard.” I was comparing my experience in the […]

Start Subtracting

Most people I talk with are on an endless hamster wheel of trying to change and grow and problem-solve the HARD way. They try to improve through addition…instead of subtraction. They want to uplevel, to get unstuck… what do they do? They STACK ON tools, tactics and techniques (ADDITION): “I just picked up 3 new […]

You’re STUCK. Let’s figure out WHY.

It seems like you just spin your wheels. Over and over… You keep avoiding what you KNOW you need to do. Your stress levels remain fairly high each day. Your revenue isn’t going up. You’re not seeing more incoming leads. You WANT to change, but the motivation just isn’t there. Something always seems… not quite […]

Are You Unable to See the Magic In Your Life?

Yesterday a client called us, feeling concerned he hadn’t seen any big breakthroughs in his MindFix program yet. So we asked him to describe the shifts he’d had so far. The client shared: I don’t procrastinate any longer. I no longer go into negative spirals. Yes, I still have negative thoughts, but they don’t derail […]

As an adult, you can uncover clues about ‘Why You Are the Way You Are’ when you listen to your parents talk

I remember getting a text from my mom on the way home from the gym while back. At the beginning of a particularly booked-out week, she’d asked if I wanted to catch up on the phone and talk. I told her it wasn’t a good week to talk, I was unusually booked out, but let’s […]

DON’T look for the Mental Blocks causing you to get in your own way

Yes, I know. This is weird advice from someone with a team that removes headtrash and internal roadblocks for clients every week, perhaps. But, read on to discover what to look for instead, because today I share the ONE thing you can *actually* look for that’ll pay dividends (instead of ending in frustration). A few […]

What Should You Do When You Learn a Friend Doesn’t Actually Care About You?

Imagine my dismay when I discovered the friend I’d been so kindly hosting at my home recently didn’t actually give a shit about me. Over time, during his stay, I realized: He almost never inquired about how I was feeling. When I DID share my emotions or feelings in a conversation, he’d not care enough […]

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