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Thinking What You Went Through Was “No Big Deal”…. Doesn’t Help You Heal

If you walked into a home near you and saw a father whipping his very young daughter with a belt, how would you feel? No big deal? Would it make you uncomfortable? How do you think the young child might be feeling? I was speaking with a friend this week who’s been contemplating why she […]

Erin on the Shane Sams’ Podcast

After all these years, I finally had the honor of being on the one-and-only Shane Sams’ podcast!!! We had SUCH a great time connecting for a full hour about his personal MindFix experiences, our take on entrepreneurship, big life lessons, how our perceptions mold our lives, and so much more. Listen to the episode on […]

A Danger of Doing Too Much Personal Development Work (or of Being One of Those “Really Positive” People)

Every so often in our work at MindFix we come across a person we’ll (lovingly) call a “Rainbower.” People who Rainbow (as a verb) are often extremely pleasant to be around, and often appear to be doing amazingly on the outside: They’re usually always positive. They typically reframe events to be in their best interest. […]

Acknowledging Childhood Trauma is Part of Your Healing Journey

Having hot sauce shoved down his throat. Having his little head slammed into cabinet doors. Being told she’d be left out on the streets, alone. Being punished without explanation. Spanked with a metal spatula. Hearing she is fat and ugly at the age of 6. How would you feel if you watched that happen to […]

Replacing “I Have To” and “I Need To” With “I GET To”

One of my favorite language habit changes I made in the past couple years is tossing “I have to” and “I need to” and replacing them with “I GET to”. I sat here this morning thinking of… the clients I’ll be supporting with this week the team member I’ll be speaking with tomorrow the conversations […]

Reminders of Past Successes Don’t Provide Permanent Change

Recently I saw a business coach post on his Facebook wall: “If you’re struggling this week and feeling like you’re not good enough, just pull out your case studies and look at people you’ve helped, and you can’t help but feel better about yourself! You got this!!”. I know he meant well. And remembering past […]

How To (Once and For All) Quiet the Mean Thoughts In Your Mind

We aren’t in control of our thoughts. Period. Even so, we CAN impact the quality and type of thoughts that bubble up into our minds. I used to have horrible, mean, intrusive thoughts flow through my mind every day. And now…they just aren’t there. At all. Very few people manage to figure out how to […]

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Recently I did something I’ve never done before. I hiked. For nearly 12 hours. If you know me, you know I DON’T hike. ~10+ ankle surgeries and a walking pace slower than a snail’s usually deter me. Yesterday though, I was invited to step outside my comfort zone, do ‘business outside’ with some unbelievably incredible […]

What invisible rules are quietly running YOU?

There’s an amazing fellow who’s made over $10 million dollars online with a team of only 6 people, all while working just 3 days/week. I listened to him being interviewed on a podcast recently. At one point the interviewer interjects, incredulously, with something like… “But wait, don’t you feel GUILTY for making so much money […]

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