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Imagine what it would FEEL LIKE for you to…

Imagine what it would FEEL LIKE for you to… …sell your business for a quarter of a Billion dollars. …be named a Top 100 Entrepreneur of your country. …have over $1,000,000 in personal savings. …be one of the top athletes in the United States. …be an internationally recognized social media star. …bring in over $100,000 […]

MindFix Ask-Me-Anything Q&A Session with Erin

In this 2022 “Ask Me Anything” public Q&A session, MindFix founder Erin Pheil answered the four most common questions nearly every person about MindFix gets curious about — along with all the other questions attendees brought to her during the live event. Listen as Erin answers common questions such as, “What are the ways I […]

Not getting the results you’ve been working so hard for?

Over the past 2 decades I’ve observed that when high performers aren’t seeing the results they’re aiming for, it typically boils down to one or more of 6 primary causes. A couple years ago I created a framework called “B.O.T.H.E.R” to help high performers quickly tune in to where their biggest challenges were coming from. […]

It happened again: another angry client.

I got on a phone call a short while ago with a MindFix client who was part-way through his program. He started off immediately with, “Erin, I’m NOT happy with my results.” I was a little surprised. So I asked him to tell me more. “I still have self doubt!!!” he snapped back at me. […]

Getting Unstuck + Rapidly Overcoming Obstacles & Head Trash on the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast

  A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being on the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast with Amber De La Garza. Amber is a productivity specialist, and we spoke on “Getting Unstuck + Rapidly Overcoming Obstacles & Head Trash.” Click here to check out the podcast, which was really fun.  

Why the People Who Want to Change the Most Often Have the Hardest Time Changing

Some people want to change, or heal, or get better, or improve SO badly they try and invest in EVERYTHING. They take the courses, read the books, visit all the professionals, sign up for all the seminars. They bounce from tactic to tactic to tactic, investing their time and money into things that appear to […]

Getting Ready to be Ready – One of the Most Dangerous Forms of Self Sabotage

One of the most dangerous, sneakily-disguised forms of self sabotage? “Getting Ready To Be Ready.” LOOKS LIKE –> Massive action. Extreme productivity. IS ACTUALLY –> Working on piddly stuff that won’t move the needle. Is typically raw avoidance + procrastination, powered by fear or uncertainty. + Adding to the damage potential: This well-disguised form of […]

The One Question That Can Uncover Hidden Blocks Preventing You From Experiencing Change, Relief, or Progress

Recently, two friends of mine broke through long-term blocks that’d been keeping them stuck for YEARS. The “magic” question that allowed them to do it was simple. Its power lay in how it got them to explore the hidden (well, hidden to them) perceived negatives of getting exactly what they wanted. Here’s the question: “What […]

Who’s Dream Are You Chasing?

One September in North Carolina, not long ago, I sat across a picnic table from “J.J.” I remember he leaned towards me, looked me in the eyes, and said “Erin, there’s literally NOTHING I want more in this world than to help people by becoming a medical doctor.” I had just met the fellow. And […]

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